Cîroc — Insider Access

Brand strategy, brand expression, concepting, creative direction 

Cîroc is an iconic premium French vodka, already with a loyal following and a key place in nightlife culture. It sought to position itself as a brand for celebrating with throughout social media.

Working with Dazed Studio, we set out to define the visual content and social strategy. We created a comprehensive toolkit describing the creative principles that would serve as a ‘red-thread’ through all content, who the ideal talent-partners should be and what defines them, followed by detailed visual treatment guidelines to ensure consistency and excitement shines through in every piece of content.

Rolling this out, we channeled this new attitude and approach into several campaigns, starring high-profile talent to tell rich, celebration-led narratives. We chose talent that were authentic to the brand, and created content that were true to their lives. We show our talent as part of their communities and friendship groups to drive authenticity through the content. By seeing the content you feel part of the brand world and part of the ‘club’. You’re given an all access pass to a personal celebration moment.
Starring:    Ella Eyre
Director:     Carly Cussen
Photographer:     Luke Fullalove

Produced by Progress Films

Creative Agency:     Dazed Studio
Connecting with celebratory moments where Cîroc was enjoyed, we invited audiences into private, intimate occasions, such as an evening at home with established signer-songwriter Ella Eyre and her friends. This was set to be an everyday celebration. Set within Ella Eyre’s apartment, she invited her close friends around for drinks, which escalated from a chilled evening into a party, allowing the audience plenty of opportunities to share in their stories, laughter, drinks and intimate moments.

This evening allowed us to create a full suite of campaign assets, including a hero film and cut-downs, alongside stills and talent-generated content from their night.

Starring:   Shaquille-Aaron Keith
Director:     Elliott Gonzo
Photographer/DOP:     Luke Fullalove

Produced by Deadbeat Films

Creative Agency: Dazed Studio
Meanwhile, artist, model and poet Shaquille-Aaron Keith brought us along to an exclusive party in Mayfair for a behind-the-scenes look at a night out with his friends. This moment was be focussed around are a celebratory reunion. After so long apart post-lockdown, our talent meet with friends to attend a special party, celebrating being back together after months apart. They share stories, laugh, and raise toasts to one another. A special night of shared experiences and rekindled energies.

Shot amongst the back drop of a real life party, we captured the excitement and build up to the event, and allowed the audience to view the night through our talent’s eyes. They get to be part of their group, documented through self-shot content showcasing personal moments. We’ll find out who they hang out with, what they’re drinking, discover the venue, the people, the moments that happen, and see what the night holds.

Talent that is unique together — sharing in authentic moments

Building campaigns and comms around talent means you need a solid strategy for who to use - and who not to. The talent are cultural and creative voices who have unique and bold personalities. They’re the life and soul of the party. They’re not afraid to share their world; they’re sociable and know how to have a good time. Each has a unique point of view and is leading the way in their industry. Every activation feels authentic to the individual and is built around a ‘shared’ moment that can work to include their wider community.