Cîroc — Insider Access

Brand strategy, brand expression, concepting, creative direction 

Cîroc is an iconic premium French vodka, already with a loyal following and a key place in nightlife culture. It sought to position itself as a brand for celebrating with throughout social media.

Working with Dazed Studio, we set out to define the visual content and social strategy. We created a comprehensive toolkit describing the creative principles that would serve as a ‘red-thread’ through all content, who the ideal talent-partners should be and what defines them, followed by detailed visual treatment guidelines to ensure consistency and excitement shines through in every piece of content.

Rolling this out, we channeled this new attitude and approach into several campaigns, starring high-profile talent to tell rich, celebration-led narratives.
Starring:    Ella Eyre
Director:     Carly Cussen
Photographer:     Luke Fullalove

Produced by Progress Films

Creative Agency:     Dazed Studio
Connecting with celebratory moments where Cîroc was enjoyed, we invited audiences into private, intimate occasions, such as an evening at home with established signer-songwriter Ella Eyre and her friends.

Starring:   Shaquille-Aaron Keith
Director:     Elliott Gonzo
Photographer/DOP:     Luke Fullalove

Produced by Deadbeat Films

Creative Agency: Dazed Studio
Meanwhile, artist, model and poet Shaquille-Aaron Keith brought us along to an exclusive party in Mayfair for a behind-the-scenes look at a night out with his friends.